This policy confirms the commitment of KERATECH to carry out its health and safety responsibilities and duties in a manner designed to achieve and maintain a high standard of protection for our employees, the environment, property, equipment and the public in the conduct of our business.Keratech is fully committed in practicing all aspects of loss prevention. It also strives to ensure that all its employees and business partners practice loss prevention as an integral part of their work culture.To maintain and improve the company’s commitment to loss prevention programs, each employee at Keratech is reminded that safety should be prioritized over cost.

Keratech prides in its Quality culture. It forms the epitome of our project execution strategy. Keratech assumes the responsibility for Quality Assurance and Quality Control throughout the projects. This will be accomplished by a proactive approach of steering quality into all projects and restoring quality as required. Our quality control methodology built on the principle that the design concepts and document preparation should be steered to optimize an effective design and appropriate level of quality at the beginning of the project rather than attempting to re-inject quality at the end of the project through pre final reviews.

Currently all our quality control measures will be steered by the Project Manager himself giving due respect to the periodic observations made by the client representative. The benchmark for measuring the quality will be client expectations and industry standards and regulations as specified in Quality Assurance and Project Execution Plans. Open communication channels will be maintained between all members, Partners and the Client Project Management Team to coordinate daily inspection and testing activities as required.