Keratech Builders privacy policy: Your privacy is our topmost concern and we leave no blots in protecting it. We are constantly updating with the latest privacy standards to keep your trust intact.

  1. VISITOR INFORMATION: The personal information you provide is safe with us. It can include your name, the browser you used, sites referred, preference of language. We collect this in order to understand how our viewers are using the website and to make necessary modifications. We are always up to date with the laws regarding the protection of your privacy. We also collect potential information like your IP address when you log in or use any medium in our website to get in touch with us.
  2. COLLECTING PERSONAL INFORMATION: There are situations where we have to gather personal information for identification purpose when visitors interact with us through the website. It is on the basis of the type of interaction that we determine the amount and type of data. In order to process the transactions by the viewers, we inform them to provide a valid mail id and user name along with financial and personal information. We assure you that this data collection is only for securing the connection on both sides. We don’t disclose any data provided to us under any circumstances and it is upon the user to decide whether to provide this information to us or not.
  3. STATISTICS: In order to track the behaviour of the visitors in our website, we are bound to collect appropriate statistics. Keratech builders can share this data with others or can make it public. But we don’t ever share personal identification data with anyone.
  4. COOKIES: A certain amount of information is stored in the computer of a viewer who visits a website that gives the particular website a notice every time they use it. We at Keratech Builders use cookies in order to identify the usage of the site, to track the viewers, and their personal preferences in choosing websites. Those who don’t want this method to be followed should check their browsers and turn off the cookies. Keep in mind that if you turn off the cookies, many of the features in our website won’t be able to perform properly when you browse.
  5. BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS: Under extreme conditions like the company going bankrupt or the assets being acquired, the user data is the only resource which gets into the hands of a third party. Thus it is informed that the data you provided us can be used by this third party.
  6. ADS ON THE WEBSITE: Our viewers will receive ads that are shared by advertising agents and cookies are set forth by them. This helps the server associated with ads to recognize you and track the activities to our website from your computer. Advertising networks make use of this to provide you advertisements in your preference. This is only applicable to the cookies from Keratech Builders.
  7. CHANGES IN PRIVACY POLICY: Even though the chances of this happening are extremely rare, Keratech Builders can make changes in the privacy policy. We advise our visitors to check on our page regularly to learn about the alterations in privacy policy. If you have an account with us, you will get notifications and alerts to inform you about the changes made. Further use of this website by you makes it firm that you have accepted the new policies.