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Maximizing comfort, and enhancing quality of life.

By offering the greatest villa projects in Trivandrum, such as luxury villas and villas that can becustomized, we have demonstrated our superiority. Keratech aims to give our customers a whole- building approach in all essential areas of human and environmental health, including natural ventilation and illumination designed to work with the outside environment.


For a long time, we have been building excellent homes, home expansions and large remodelling projects using the skills gained from various projects completed. We provide suitable choices when you are building an affordable home, renovating an existing home, altering your furnishings & decor, developing your office space or conducting yearly home maintenance. Preconstruction services, floor plan design, low-cost house construction, residential building, home extension work, etc. are just a few of the services we provide in construction projects. We build meaningful living places that engage with people, including customers, whose tales and dreams are all that count. We operate in a client-centric manner, listening to our clients, deducing their ideas, and finally creating homes and places that suit their personalities, lifestyle, and dreams.


You have a variety of alternatives for the interior of your home through our interior design division. We turn your house into a luxurious setting for living, precisely as you’ve always imagined your priceless residence to be. Interior work is carried out by specialised and authorised contract agencies with our direct oversight following accurate drawings and estimates. Services provided by our design division include Layout designing and execution of interiors, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. Designer kitchens, cupboards, carpeting etc. Painting, drapery and customized furniture.


On a term-key basis, villas for residential and commercial projects are built. We perform- Land identification, Designs as per the requirement of clients, Drawings and approvals, Interior design, Construction, Complete plan approval, Client-oriented design, Proper agreement, and Detailed specialisation. We make residences that are exquisitely constructed and are within reach of most people. The way of life of the residents is supported by every aspect of this project, including the architecture, location, serene surroundings, etc. Our magnificent villa projects in Trivandrum offer the ideal combination of modern comfort and natural beauty. We design customised Contemporary Villas with World-Class Amenities, Finest Luxuries, and Spacious and Elegant Structures at Affordable Prices in Serene and Prime Locations.


Home care service supports with day-to-day activities to provide a comfortable and trouble-free stay. Our primary areas of focus include house maintenance services, bill paying, etc. Our in-house maintenance personnel will be available to you for house cleaning, pest control, plumbing, electrical maintenance, carpentry, and masonry jobs as part of our maintenance service. Under the bill payment services, we’ll continue to pay all bills on time, including those for electricity, telephone service, association dues, real estate taxes, cable and internet service, etc.


Offers a variety of auxiliary services to our clients to enhance their quality of life and add ease to it with a nominal fee. Clients can take advantage of these services even after the faulty liability period has passed to manage Facilities, Housekeeping Services, and Maintenance Work, execute Initiatives to Rent and Financial Consultation.
We help to maintain clean and neat premises; each completed project will be furnished with a thorough housekeeping solution. Carpentry, plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical services are facilitated and coordinated by this division. We organize high-value rentals for our cherished customers who want to rent out their properties by organizing various required tasks and also Provide a wide range of financial, taxation, legal, and advice services.


Home loan interest rates have reached an all-time low, and the fewer formalities for home loans make the entire process relatively painless. You can choose from a variety of strategies to meet your needs. These loans from renowned Housing Finance Institutions can be obtained with little effort on your part (subject to the financial institution’s terms). Our Consultation and support can simplify the entire procedure. Both NRIs and RIs can get the maximum loan amount with long-term easy installments by sharing with us the required paperwork from your side.

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